Sacred Secretion



The old Greeks knew well whom to worship. They paid respect to Man’s inner button-pushers – little molecules known as hormones and neurotransmitters. In the fantasy of the Greeks, they took on human shapes and faces, while preserving their powers. They were able to make Man laugh, cry, love, hate, behave wisely or unwisely, work, or be lazy. Their decisions were as unpredictable as the divine game of dice. Mortals had to take care not to arouse the fury of the Olympians, as punishments were severe and unavoidable.

Man still had a chance to please the gods through prayer, sacrifice, and ceremony. By using these in sensible dosages, it was possible to live one’s life fairly happily.

Modern man has invented a number of chemical and electronical equivalents to those measures. These, however, are not always superior to the old, tried-and-tested tricks. Also, an overdose of them can lead to a rather hazardous journey. The following series of images is meant to guide the viewer through the couloirs of the secretory Pantheon, while offering a choice of methods both old and new for winning the favour of the gods.